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Internet Listing business and Parking Lot business functions are separate. You're listing an auto as an Internet Listing Only at

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The QUIK-N-EZ home page listing is designed to help viewers obtain automobile sales information. QUIK-N-EZ contributors generally provide this information, many may use anonymous names and are generally people with whom we have never met or spoken. Recognize that in an attempt to provide correct information, sometimes people provide information that is misleading or downright wrong. They may do this unintentionally and, sad to say, intentional on occasion. In fact, some misleading information could be labeled cyber fraud.

Treat the information from QUIK-N-EZ the same way you would treat information gotten from a casual conversation with a person unknown to you. This is important because anyone can provide vehicle information for QUIK-N-EZ listings.

QUIK-N-EZ does not guarantee the accuracy, veracity, or completeness of any information provided.

QUIK-N-EZ will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in postings or for any results obtained in this area and/or for listing information in this area.

The subscriber agrees to hold QUIK-N-EZ harmless for any loss or liability resulting from the use of QUIK-N-EZ automobile sales information listing and agrees to indemnify QUIK-N-EZ for any claims resulting from the use of the service. These terms and conditions supercede all previous understandings or agreements with QUIK-N-EZ.


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